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Lion's Properties with Performance Sports is located in what was the Reading Elementary School until 2018 and Reading High School until 1981.  As the school district decided to consolidate and close the Reading Elementary it provided an opportunity for us to purchase the property.  We are very excited about the purchase of the facility and the space it provides us in operating Lions Properties LLC and Performance Sports.  What a beautiful gym and great location for us to serve many student athletes in their quest to perform at a higher level.   We have dedicated our lives to our faith, our family, our farm, and to working with student/athletes throughout our teaching and coaching careers.  Performance Sports will allow us to take our training to the next level.  Our main focus with Performance Sports at this time will be on improving the basketball skills of area athletes through our Hoops Academy, with days and times available for 1st thru 12th grade boys and girls.  We will then expand to other sports as opportunities arise.  We also look forward to renting out this amazing facility, with chairback seats, along with a beautiful full court gymnasium, stage, kitchen, large commons area, and great playground.  We will be renting it for practices, tournaments, concerts, reunions, birthday parties and other events.  

Update 1/29/2021

Our first few years at Performance Sports have been a huge success.  We started our first fall in 2019 with a great fall academy.  Then came 2020.  Wow what a year, but we were able to navigate Covid and still pull off a spring and fall academy, we also fit in having 37 Kansas Triple Threat and Wheat State teams use our facility for practice.  Now for 2021, we are so excited to help kids from around the area get caught back up with skill work.  We know that lockdowns, cancellations, and lost court time have set us back some.  We are here for you to get you back going and ready for summer teams, school teams, and future basketball opportunities.  

Update 9/18/2021

The first few years has been awesome.  We have established a great coaching staff with a lot of great athletes working hard at our hoops academies.  We are excited to be working on our indoor track and field throwing facility which will open in the late fall 2021.  Our throws academy will focus on javelin, shot put, and discus with sessions for beginners, intermediate, and elite throwers.  

Update 2/8/2023

Our indoor track and field throw facility has been a huge success.  We have athletes from all over the state of Kansas using Performance Sports to help them get a jump start on their outdoor seasons.  Our fall and spring hoops academy continues to provide skill and fundamental focus for athletes from all over the area.  


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